This Laksa beats any takeaway!

You’ll need: Perfect dish for a pressure cooker if you own one. Otherwise a large pot will do.

600g chicken breast

400ml Coconut milk (make sure the coconut milk has a high percentage of coconut kernel extract, I personally buy 89% for a creamier result)

1 litre Chicken broth (can use stock however broth gives a creamier result)

185g jar Malaysian laksa paste

100g rice noodles

2 carrots

300g bok choy

2 tbsp tapioca flour

Method: Chop chicken into small pieces. Toss chicken in flour. Add laksa paste to pot and cook for a couple of minutes. Add chicken and stir until fully coated with the paste. Pour in coconut milk and broth. Stir until simmering. If using pressure cooker, pressure cook for 20 minutes. If using pot, cook until chicken is cooked and tender (about 30 minutes).

In the meantime chop carrots and bok choy up into small pieces. Do not cook.

Cook rice noodles. Drain noodles, add to bowls. Top noodles with chicken laksa, carrots and bok choy.


So easy and super nutritious!

You’ll need:

2kg peeled pumpkin

400g sweet potato

200g broccoli

200g zuchini

2-3 carrots

1 brown onion

2 tablespoon of vegetable or chicken stock


Chop all vegetables and place into large pot. Add stock. Fill with water just enough to cover the vegetables. Cook until vegetables are soft. Do not overcook. Drain fluid into a large bowl and keep. Place all cooked vegetables into food processor. Once fully pureed place back into large pot and bring to boil. Keep adding as much of the fluid kept in bowl as desired for consistency of soup. Add salt and pepper to taste. That’s it! Optional: Add German Knackwurst. Great way to get kids to eat this delicious soup. Add freshly baked bread to dip into soup is another option. Tip: My rule with this soup is simple: 80% pumpkin, the other 20% add any vegetables you wish.


Our boy would say ‘no spice please’. So here’s a little twist on a very known recipe!

You will need:

500g grass fed minced beef

1 large brown onion

2 garlic cloves

1 can diced tomatoes

1 can red kidney beans

1 litre beef stock

4 tablespoon Paprika Sweet Hungarian Style

2 tablespoon tomato paste

1 tablespoon Olive oil

Salt + Pepper

2 cups of Basmati rice (can also use brown rice)

Method: Cook rice. Pour olive oil into large pot, add chopped onion and garlic. Once soft add minced meat. Stir until brown. Add beef stock and all other ingredients except red kidney beans to the pot and let simmer for about 45 minutes. Taste and add salt + pepper as required. Add drained kidney beans last and let simmer for a further 10 minutes. Place cooked rice into serving bowl, add sauce on top. I like to sprinkle a little parsley over the dish. Enjoy!