Everyone experiences certain barriers on their journey to become a healthier version of themselves.

Some barriers are things which directly interfere with achieving a health-promoting behaviour like eating healthy or indirectly interfere by decreasing commitment to the plan of action for changing old habits. Perceived barriers are based on thoughts or feelings rather than real barriers such as a health condition or physical limitation.

Common barriers are time, fatigue, stress, lack of motivation, support and lack of knowledge, illness, self-esteem/confidence, and enjoyment. The environment we are in, for example at work with a lack of access to healthy foods or exercise facilities can also cause a significant barrier.  

The single most important attribute of people who achieve health goals while overcoming barriers is WILLPOWER. Outcome expectancy is the most significant barrier due to which both men and women fail to succeed in changing eating and exercise habits. Most people expect change fast then lose motivation due to such high expectations failing.

As Weight Management Practitioners, we use 3 ways to individualise solutions for overcoming barriers to weight management. These are Interactive Programming, Goal Setting, and Self-Care Skill Development.

Feel like you are someone who falls victim to any of these barriers? Feeling stuck on your journey to become a healthier version of yourself?  Then I may be able to help!